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The Problem

Real Problems. Real Cost.

Companies of all size are plagued by inefficient hiring practices and the staggering costs associated, which result from legacy HR processes and poorly planned talent strategies.

$4,000 average cost of hire

In addition to the high-cost of ineffective talent acquisition processes, it takes on average, 42 days to fill a role.

73% of employers are having difficulty filling their open roles

With the talent marketplace shrinking, companies must embrace new strategies in order to compete to attract top talent.

Turnover can cost 90% – 200% of an employee’s salary

Legacy HR processes and misaligned talent strategies directly affect employee experience and drive increased turnover.

14% of Managers time spent on hiring

Workforce performance is reduced by the amount of time managers are forced to spend on hiring activities.

The Solution

The Return on Veteran

Hiring qualified veterans offers financial incentives through a wide range of federal and state tax credits, as well as overall recruitment and employee cost savings.

The Return on Veteran
Financial Incentives

Up to $9,600 in federal tax credits and $37,000 in state tax credits when hiring qualified veterans.

Better Performance

On average, veterans perform higher than non-veterans in the workforce.

Highly Skilled

There are over 3,600 jobs in the military that directly match to the private sector.

Better Retention

Over the bell-curve of their careers, veterans have higher rates of retention compare to that of non-veterans.

Build Consumer Brand

87% of consumers will support brands that support military causes.

Increased Industry Performance

Companies that successfully hire and retain veterans are more likely to have financial returns above their industry medians.

However, 90% of veteran job-seekers seek out “Veteran-Ready” employers – military friendly job descriptions, website content, and internal programs matter to veterans when considering an employer.

Becoming “Veteran Ready”

Employers that are “Veteran Ready” take a firm-wide approach when building their military programs. To see the most value, it requires the program be created in a strategic 3-phase approach.


Developing a military talent strategy that aligns with organizational needs & business goals.


Providing customized training to ensure the business units can translate, align, and support military talent.


Providing tools and support to properly attract, select, onboard, and retain military talent.

Becoming "Veteran Ready"

The Military Talent Group Solution

Our platform provides you with all the on-demand training, expert advisory, and digital recruiting tools you need to become “Veteran Ready” and successfully hire and retain top military talent.


Full suite of innovative tools to help you find, translate, and match top military talent to your open roles.

Veteran Hiring Tax Credit & Compliance Support

Resources, reporting, and filling guidance for all the federal and state employer tax credits as well as for compliance purposes.

On-demand expert advisory 24X7

Technology-enable expert advisory support any time you need it. Helping you to plan, prepare, and launch your program.


A full library of video training and best practices to enable your existing infrastructure and to help you become “Veteran Ready”.

The Military Talent Group Solution

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