Mature Military Program

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The challenge

Recruiting & Retaining is Not Easy

Many companies have military veteran employment initiatives, however, a majority of them are struggling to achieve desired results.

43% of veterans turnover within one year, 65% by year two

There is a clear association between job alignment and job tenure for military veterans who take on their first post-service job.

80% of hiring teams do not receive military skills training

Hiring teams are not provided with critical training and tools required to translate and match military talent to organizational needs.

70% of companies don’t provide assistance to veterans

Customized programs to properly onboard, support, and increase employee experience are critical to retain veterans.

90% of veteran job-seekers seek out “Veteran-Ready” employers

Military friendly job descriptions, website content, and internal programs matter to veterans when considering an employer.

The Solution

A Platform Enabling Your Entire Organization

Customized programs that train HR teams on the military experience, skills translation and matching, and informed best practices, prepare organizations to have the greatest reciprocal success and satisfaction rates, benefiting employers and employees, alike. This is what we do.

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