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Our Story:

We know first-hand the incredible abilities possessed today by our service members and military spouses. We have witnessed incredible acts of courage and leadership by the men and woman we served alongside of in foreign conflicts. We have carried the burden, without question, supporting our families alone here at home while our loved ones deployed for months on end to serve in harm’s way abroad. As we transitioned out of the military, our service has continued.  

Honor, integrity, and service before self – these are more than just words to us. These are the values that have been instilled in us as part of the military community. 

Our Story:

Compelled to create change.

We met while working in the recruiting and talent management space engaging with companies of all size to be able to better interface with the military talent community. Over and over again, we would hear the frustrations shared by so many companies that felt the services available to them were both costly and lacked the depth needed to help them successfully integrate top military talent into their organizations. Employers were investing in veteran hiring solutions before they were prepared for the outcome and were not able to articulate the ROI of programs they built.

We understand the need.

Hiring teams don’t know how to translate and match the right military talent to their open roles, let alone how to effectively reach them. Human Resources lack the proper best practices to onboard military veterans and set them up for success from day one, and navigating compliance is even more difficult. Management doesn’t have the resources to empower and enable veterans to unlock their full potential within the organization; retention has become increasingly difficult.

Paving the way for employers.

We came together and combined our unique understanding of the military talent community and our expertise in human capital management to give employers what they have been asking for – a cost-effective and impactful solution that creates success for employers and the military community, alike.

Today, Military Talent Group provides the most powerful solution in the industry to help employers – small and large – weave military talent into the fabric of their organizations, and to realize the full organizational and performance benefits, as a result. We have added to our team with industry experts and developed our offering with feedback from industry leading employers.

Our Leadership

Meet the team working to make you successful in your military veteran and military spouse programs.

Jesse Canella
Jesse Canella Chief Executive Officer

US Marine / Iraq War Veteran, 2012 “Veteran Entrepreneur of the Year”, Military Program SME Featured on Bloomberg, Business Insider, MSNBC

Karin Childress
Karin Childress SVP of Sales

Military Spouse-of-the-Year Award Recipient, Former National Director of Veteran Employment Monster.com & Military.com

Adam Rocke
Adam Rocke Director of Military Program Consulting

Retired US Army Colonel with over 30 years of experience in directing, managing, and coordinating various military programs.